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Hvide Sande Bryghus or White Sands Brewery was established in 2018 in a former fish packing warehouse at the harbour in Hvide Sande. Here you can read more about the brewery.

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the man behind the beers

The brewery was started by director and Master Brewer Niels Sangill, who was born and raised in the village of Hvide Sande. 

With a background in Geddal Gaardbryggeri and a vision to bring top-quality beer to his hometown, Niels Sangill has shaped Hvide Sande Bryghus to be a central player in the Danish beer market. With a great passion for craft beer, Niels Sangill aims to create unique beer experiences that convey local stories and the finest craftsmanship.

“Our brewery is a tribute to our coastal roots.”

niels sangill, bryghus, hvide sande


Auktionsgade 9 in Hvide Sande is more than just an address; it’s a symbol of tradition and innovation. The building, which for many years served as a fish packing house, has now been transformed into the heart of Hvide Sande Bryghus, where guests are welcome all year round to visit our taproom, shop, and cozy terrace.

With an advanced 1,000-liter brewing system, fermentation tanks, and cooling tanks, the old packing house has been converted into a modern brewery, where visitors can experience a unique blend of old and new while enjoying our craft beer deeply rooted in Hvide Sande’s history.

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Book a tour


From spring 2024, we will once again open up for tours, both for private individuals and companies, and you are very welcome to participate.

When you book a tour at Hvide Sande Bryghus, you get not just an insight into how our specialty beer production occurs, but also a flavorful experience with tastings of four different specialty brews. We guarantee a great experience filled with good local stories – just the way we love it!

Keep an eye on our website and our Facebook page for when we open up for registrations, but until you can buy our beers online right here.

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Om hvide sande bryghus, specialøl
Om hvide sande bryghus, specialøl
Om hvide sande bryghus, specialøl
Om hvide sande bryghus, specialøl
Om hvide sande bryghus, specialøl
Om hvide sande bryghus, specialøl

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